Shiitake dermatitis: Two clinical forms of presentation in the same patient

Emilio Pablo Sudy Moya, Francisco Urbina González


Shiitake fungal dermatitis occurs in a small percentage of cases after ingestion of this raw or semi-raw mushroom. It usually manifests as flagellated dermatosis located mainly on the back and more rarely with other types of lesions, including urticaria, petechiae, and contact dermatitis, among others.

We describe a healthy 46-year-old male patient who presented two different forms of reaction to the mushroom, spaced over time. The first as the typical form of flagellated dermatosis after the ingestion of Shiitake mushrooms, and shortly after, when fully recovered, with a second rash in the form of contact dermatitis with desquamation and itching of hand and fingers after manipulation of the mushroom. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first case reported with two different cutaneous forms of allergic reaction to Shiitake mushrooms in the same patient.

Palabras clave

Shiitake dermatitis; flagellated dermatosis; mushroom contact dermatitis

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